NKG2D ligand expression in pediatric brain tumors.



I’ve written an open R software package to perform bacterial genome-wide association studies. Read the wiki to learn about it, download the package (instructions here), and take it for a spin!

It’s called hogwash. hoGWASh. Get it?! Tough crowd.


The Venture Capital Competition for Graduate Students The Venture Capital Investment Competition is the “world’s largest venture capital competition with over 70 universities competing. VCIC is the only place where students get to be VCs for the day” Although I’m sure student funds, such as the Dorm Room Fund and Contrary Capital, would argue that students can be investors while still in school. In the competition each university team hears pitches from three businesses and drafts a term sheet for the most promising venture.


Healthcare fortunes at stake during conference The J. P. Morgan Healthcare Conference (JPMHC) is an annual get together of pharma and biotech bigwigs in San Francisco. It’s considered common knowledge that stocks change in response to the speeches, deals, and data presented at the meeting. One article said that: “Biotech has historically outperformed the broader market during The J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference” and “in the past 16 years, the NYSE Arca Biotechnology index (BTK), which measures the performance of 30 biotechnology firms, has outperformed the S&P 500 index by nearly 3 percent during JPMorgan’s conference.